Giving it our all before fall break

Morgan StephensIt has been another exciting week for the Tribe! Everybody went hard and gave it their all these last few days before Fall Break. It seems as though we are becoming more and more successful everyday in perfecting our skills and getting our routines together. It also seems as though everybody is getting even more enthusiastic everyday, which is great to see!

The freshmen, Lacy, Katie, Larson, Allie, and Jess, are well adjusted now and are definitely proving to everybody that they are here for a reason. The sophomores, Lindsey, Molly, Jen, and myself, are still struggling with some minor setbacks, but things are looking positive for us! Especially for Jen, who is coming back very strong. Our junior, Kristin, has also had a minor setback, but she is such an amazing gymnast that we are confident she will be back in no time. Our seniors, Teenie, Karla, Cream, Dina, and Taryn, have really stepped up their gymnastics and leadership. All of them have been outstanding role models for the team, inside and outside of the gym.

Many of us went home for Fall Break to visit family and friends, while others are relaxing in Williamsburg. Everybody is enjoying a few days off … well most of us at least. On Thursday, Kristin had surgery on her shins due to a case of compartment syndrome. Luckily the surgery is not too major and she does not need to be on crutches. She is doing well and we are all excited to see her bounce back from this impediment even stronger. Overall, Tribe Gymnastics is having an excellent pre-season and cannot wait until we get to show everybody how hard we have been working!


Morgan Stephens

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