“Chau” for now Argentina…

The ability for me to move so quickly and effortlessly from one point of the earth to another never ceases to delight and impress me. Upon realizing that my time in Argentina was coming to an end, I decided on an impromptu trip to Patagonia, the mountainous region that serves as the border between Argentina and Chile. Because most of my friends had already returned to the USA, I decided to pursue this dream alone. Having worked at a ski/snowboard shop since high school, I had been selling “Patagonia” clothing brand, and, in turn, had become intrigued by this rugged, mountainous part of the world. So when I realized that I was about to leave Argentina without having visited this mysterious region, I knew I had to go. Because I went alone this trip took on an entirely different significance. What could have been merely one more trip with friends became a dynamic, self-empowering journey. Three days of hiking glaciers and mountains and meeting new people passed in the blink of an eye. Two days after I returned to Buenos Aires and after some late night packing, I returned home to New York. Two weeks after that, after a painless eight hour drive (and the obligatory stop at Chick –Fil-a), I arrived in Williamsburg. Saying it is easy, conceptualizing how I managed to find myself on all corners of the earth within a matter of days is somewhat more difficult to wrap my head around.

This is my first blog entry as an admissions intern. I thought returning from Argentina I would immediately feel depressed. However, to my pleasant surprise I have felt the opposite. I’m excited for what this summer will bring; living in a house with my closest friends, embracing the summer weather and working on a campus that has provided me with every opportunity in the world. I look forward to this summer with high hopes.

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