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And so it begins

Follow The Lionfish Project on my website, facebook, and twitter.  It’s been eleven months since I first developed the basic idea for The Lionfish

The Young Explorer Grant

The month of January and February were particularly tough for me. After first starting my Lionfish Project proposal in August, I had finally turned

Dreaming Big is Hard Work

I decided to do a research project next summer. At first, I didn’t know what I wanted to do; I just knew I wanted

A reminder why I came to W&M…

The photo speaks for itself! I love Williamsburg in the fall.

The Benefits of Being Challenged

I spent the first half of this semester complaining. I’m not saying I’m proud, I’m just saying it’s a fact. In my defense, my

A Reality Check

Every once in a while, something unexpected happens that inspires you. It comes out of nowhere, changes your perspective, and reminds you why you

The email that (almost) changed my life.

Last week, I had a very unusual Tuesday morning. It started like any other morning. Promptly at 8:15, my alarm jolted me awake. Then,

Why Being an Unpaid Intern is Awesome.

If you look past the lack of a paycheck, there are some pretty serious advantages to being an intern. Try and remember these perks

Life Changing

Last week changed my life. When I look back over the events of the past five days, that’s the only way I can summarize