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We’re Gonna Need a Montage

Wouldn’t it be great if montages were a real thing? Take Rocky II, for example. To prepare for his fight against Apollo Creed, Rocky

Looking Towards the Future

After months of incessant news and media coverage, the day is finally here. Election Day. No matter what political affiliation you happen to have,

Yippee! It’s Time for Committee!

Admit It! The time between submitting your application and receiving an admission decision is nerve-racking. You’ve spent years accomplishing tremendous things both in and

How We Read

We Admit It! We’re proud of the application review process we have in place.  We believe it to be genuinely holistic, thoughtful and contextual. 

Good News Can Come in Small Packages

We Admit It!  Every day we read some phenomenal applications.  And it’s hard to keep our excitement to ourselves.  Sure, we share our great

So What Happens Next?

We Admit It!  Reading season is in full swing.  We know we’ve been talking mostly about receiving and processing applications of late but what

Early Decision Questions Answered: Senior-Year Grades

Admit It!  With The November 1 Early Decision deadline being just one month from today (that took my breath away when I said it aloud this

Mid-Year Grades

Admit It!  If it’s not one thing with this application process, it’s another.  But we swear, this is the last part.  It’s time to

Postcards from the College

Admit It!  April seems like an eternity from now.  You worked so hard, day-in and day-out, for months on end to get your application