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What 320 Means for W&M

February 8th.  Known by the William & Mary community as the date the College came to be. Charter Day! On this day King William III

W&M Hits the Big 320

At 13 you’re no longer a “kid,” at 16 you can drive, at 18 you’re an adult, at 20 you’re in your second decade

Happy Birthday to you W&M!

Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday dear William & Mary, Happy birthday to you! Earlier this month was a date

William & Mary’s Birthday Brings New and Old Traditions

As you may have heard, W&M celebrated a pretty big birthday last weekend!  We’ve reached the ripe old age of 320…that’s a lot of

Happy Birthday W&M!

Everyone loves their birthdays, whether it’s the cake, the presents, or just the fact that the whole day is about you, birthdays are always

Invisible Bonds.

I feel like Carrie Bradshaw right now when she reflects upon her most recent actions and writes about it to tell the world. Except

There is Only One William & Mary

We Admit It!  Traditions aren’t unique to William & Mary.  But William & Mary is unique because of its traditions.  Where else can you


During my college experience, weekends have served as a time to embrace my surroundings, which could mean anything from heading to a dance party

It’s Gneiss to be Old

William & Mary is celebrating its 319th birthday this weekend.  For an institution of higher learning in the western hemisphere, 319 years certainly qualifies