Chloe Lewis

Chloe Lewis
  • Class of 2011
  • Hometown: Chicago, IL
  • Major(s): Theatre / Minor: Chinese Language and Literature
  • Archived Blogger

About Chloe Lewis

I’m from Chicago, IL, and no, just because I’m from Chicago doesn’t mean that I like the cold! Virginia turned me into the biggest softy you’ll meet. To me, 60 degrees is grounds for frost bite. I am a theatre major and a Chinese language and literature minor.

On campus I was in a social sorority, a campus tour guide, a member of Alma Mater Productions, which is our campus activities board, and a blogger! I was super excited about the opportunity to showcase the school that I love in a public forum. Ever since I was little I loved to perform, and what better way to do so than blogging!

When I wasn’t busy learning lines or practicing my Chinese characters I really loved being active, and W&M is a great place to do so. While at William and Mary I had the opportunity to be a part of several different productions, both student professor directed. I was fortunate enough to travel to India to build a library with books collected from students here. I love comedy, art, football, and my friends. William and Mary is my home, and I hope from reading my blog you will begin to feel like it is your home too.

Posts by Chloe Lewis

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