Erin Spencer '14

Erin Spencer '14
  • Hometown: Hereford, MD
  • Major(s): Ecology & Marine Science
  • Young Explorer Grantee at National Geographic

About Erin Spencer '14

Hey all! My name is Erin and I’m from a very small town north of Baltimore, Maryland. I studied Marine Science and hope to specialize in reef conservation and restoration (what other career pays you to wear shorts to work and scuba dive every day?). I spend most of my time researching an invasive species of fish called lionfish, and recently studied local reactions to lionfish in Florida thanks to a Young Explorers Grant from National Geographic.

On campus, I was involved with a number of alumni relations groups, including the Development Ambassadors and the Student Alumni Council. I also interned in the Admission Office and was a DC Summer Institute Fellow. When I wasn't in the lab or riding my horse, King, you would find me lounging on the Terrace or with my friends down by Lake Matoaka.

My time at W&M was better than I ever could have imagined. From spontaneous adventures (like late night football in the pouring rain), to deep heart-to-hearts with my hallmates, I had so many memorable experiences.

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