Winter Wonderland: A Subtle Reminder of Campus Diversity

Ever since Williamsburg, VA became a winter wonderland about three weeks ago, campus has been buzzing with a general feeling of excitement.  Snow! So rare! SO fun!  However, this past Monday morning, while I was still very much in a snow-infused mood, my roommate let slip a quiet groan when I mentioned snow.  At first, I was baffled.  How could ANYONE not appreciate such a change of pace, the possibility of snow days, home-made snow cones?  And then it hit me.  My roommate is from VA – northern VA at that! Snow is nothing out of the ordinary for her.  But because I am from sunny California, the novelty has not worn off – It’s been such a treat.  My roommate is ready for sunny skies; as for me, I wouldn’t mind slipping on icy sidewalks just a couple more times.  Though subtle and silly, this is just another example of William and Mary’s diverse community.

– Chris Marty ’10

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