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Duke of Gloucester Street, or DoG Street as we locals refer to it, is a must-see in Williamsburg. There are dozens of historical shops, exhibits, and restaurants along the street that are open for the entire community. I always love stopping at the Capital at the end of the DoG Street, as well as at the printing shop, where I get to watch a colonial man use an old printing press machine. All of these different sites definitely give tourists an understanding of life in the colonial era. However, hands down, my favorite place in Williamsburg is the maze behind the Governor’s Palace. I used to come to Williamsburg every summer with my family, and my sister and I would spend hours running around the maze. Even my parents enjoyed going through the maze with us! It is definitely a fun and enjoyable part of the Colonial Williamsburg experience that all visitors should take advantage of.

After spending a long day at Williamsburg, you will need to find a good place to eat! Williamsburg has a plethora of wonderful places to dine right across the street from Colonial Williamsburg. One of my favorite places to grab a warm hot chocolate or a tasty tuna sandwich is Aroma’s. Aroma’s is a cute, relaxing, and cozy place to grab something light and enjoy the soothing ambiance. If you are looking for a little more of an upscale experience then I recommend the Blue Talon. This restaurant is right across the street from Aroma’s and has a fantastic assortment of entrees! You can’t go wrong with the French onion soup or macaroni and cheese at the Blue Talon! And if you simply want a quick snack to munch on then you need to go to the Peanut Shop! There are dozens of free samples throughout the store and I guarantee you will fall in love with something you try. Eventually, you’ll probably end up buying some amazing Virginia peanuts to take home with you. These are just a few of my favorite places in Williamsburg. Although it’s small, the city has plenty of variety for people to explore!


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