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Hey y’all,

I’m Abe Winterscheidt, a sophomore at William & Mary, double majoring in government and economics. I’ll be a part of the American Politics Seminar this January.

I’m super excited for the seminar, especially for all of the site visits we’ll be getting to do while we’re there. I decided to do the Winter Seminar because I really like American Politics (there were other reasons at the time when I applied for early admissions, but those aren’t important anymore).

Besides government and economics, I tend to write a lot. I have a personal collection of memoirs (the latest of which topped over 600,000 words) and an epic fantasy-alternate history series in the works. The first book of the series, The Nightstalker Saga: Origins, is actually self-published, which is real neato, I guess. I also do a decent bit of photography, mostly focused on landscapes and astrophotography. All of that is up in my gallery too.

Beyond all of that stuff, I also really like memes. I think that it’s always important to note my very serious interest in memes, because my life has basically become one.

I look forward to the seminar with y’all and for all the disgruntled looks from the higher ups at my wonderful blog posts.

Abe Winterscheidt

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