William & Mary Welcomes 2016 Summer Students to America’s Capital City

My name is Kady Kriner and I am a 2016 DCSI student. For those of you who do not know about DCSI, it is W&M’s DC Summer Institute Program:

DCSI fellows earn 6 W&M credits through this academic program composed of an accelerated course that involves networking with experts and alums through guest lectures and site visits—and working in a guaranteed internship at a related DC institution.

As a rising senior at W&M, and a part of the Leadership and Community Engagement Institute, I am very excited for the connections and future opportunities this program has to offer. I am currently living at the National Harbor in Maryland and get to experience the lovely Metro system into the city each morning. It’s safe to say, that has been an experience in itself.

I chose DCSI because I was thoroughly convinced by Lauren Bragg’s (program coordinator) sales pitch during Philosophy 303. I attended the information session and became very absorbed in the agenda. I committed to the program, and the program has surely committed to me. Every professor and coordinator has the student’s best interest in mind. It is, and has been, a great way to enhance our professional skills and relationships within the work place.

The two week class started Monday the 16th of May for all 3 institutes: Leadership and Community Engagement, American Politics, as well as New Media. Our class time rapidly came to an end, but independent studies have already begun. By the end of the two weeks, every student was fully prepared to enter the work force.

The class weeks granted us opportunities to speak with some of the most influential leaders in DC.

“You are lucky”- said just about every alumni and speaker DCSI students have encountered.

Having a William & Mary education is something special. It is not only the academic aspects, but the bond the Tribe community has with one another. FBI Director, Jim Comey, former Republican chair of FCC, Michael Powell, Jeff Trammel, and even father of a William & Mary Alumni, Paul Begala, have expressed strong unity with the William & Mary student body as well as alumni.

DCSI offers such a realistic opportunity for students to engage with leaders and potential job employers. It’s another opportunity to connect with classmates and check off bucket list items. I hope you all continue to follow the Leadership and Community Engagement Institute’s summer experiences in DC as I continue to blog about W&M thriving in the city!

Kady Kriner
LCE ’16

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