Ambassadors and Senators (Day 06)

1) Ambassadors have a vast wealth of knowledge. They possess expertise on both the health of their relevant region and geopolitical relations as a whole. Former Ambassador Thomas A. Shannon came in today, Tuesday, to chat with us about the United States’ changing role in the world. For two hours we talked on the subject, our newfound interconnections, and what this means for foreign policy.

Students crossing a crosswalk in Washington DC

Photographer: Nuhami Alemu ’21

2) Not many people think of the Eisenhower Executive Office Building as must-see Washington attraction, but we visited it with gusto. For a quick hour with a “hard stop” at 3PM, our class heard from National Security Council representatives in the building’s Diplomatic Hosting Room. They talked on how their “parent agencies” loan them to the NSC, where the hours are longer (12-14 a day) but the immediacy and importance of work is apparent. With an Executive Branch-branded box of Hershey’s Kisses each, we were on our way to the Hill.

Students riding the Metro

3) Senator Tim Kaine started with a warm “hello William & Mary folks!” He welcomed us to the Russell Senate Office Building before we dove into questions about immigration, China, his office’s organizational structure, the Foreign Affairs Committee, and more. As the only elected official we will hear from all week, his wealth of knowledge from a 24-year career in public service (from City Councilor to Senator) provided great insights into governing.

On a side note, both my Metro and lunch card ran out today.

Signing off,

Caleb T. Rogers ’20

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