Taryn SaundersHalfway through summer and everyone’s ready for a vacation. Karla and Allie are down in Myrtle Beach this week, Jessica and Katie have just returned from visiting Cedar Point in Ohio with their respective families, and Lindsey Nichol spent the last two weeks with her dad and brother visiting friends in Hawaii! Meanwhile, Stephanie Bevan and I have completed our road trip from Boston down to Williamsburg where we met up with some local teammates and alumni. It was quite an entertaining trip and we enjoyed seeing you all!

The girls have stayed active in the gym around the holiday and vacationing. Morgan is finishing up her last two weeks coaching at Woodward and is excited to train all-around again since her shoulder is healed and she started swinging bars this week. Allie and Cream have been focusing on vault lately, and Allie is increasing her skill level by learning a Yurchenko in addition to her Front handspring front.

We are currently in the process of finding a new assistant coach, and I am excited to meet the final candidates in Williamsburg this upcoming week. Lindsey, Jenny, and I will have the opportunity to show them around campus and tell them a little about what it’s like here at The College.

Taryn Saunders

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