Summer Classes

Katie DurstHi Everyone!

The first session of summer classes are finally over for Jess, Lindsey, Teenie and me.  We all really enjoyed being in Williamsburg together, working out, and learning a lot.  I think summer classes were a really good experience – I had a lot fun, was able to do gymnastics in the Burg and finally moved into my apartment.  To celebrate our last day of classes, Jess and I went on our traditional Second Street restaurant dinner with her family.  Jess also went to Busch Gardens with her family and started moving out of our apartment for the remainder of the summer.  Lindsey is also planning on living at home for the rest of the summer.  Teenie moved out of her house with her mom and sisters and drove to Jacksonville, Fla. As for me, I’m on Topsail Island, N.C. to celebrate the Fourth of July week with my family.  We went jet skiing yesterday, and let’s just say I’m not a sea girl.  I’d much rather be doing flips than flying across the water at 45 miles an hour.  Next week I’ll be back in the in the Burg to collect my things for the summer and back home to start working at my gym.  I hope everyone had a great Fourth!

Katie Durst

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