Ready to become a Tribe member!

TribeOnly one week left till orientation! I can’t believe how fast summer went by, but I am so ready for school to start! It’s been pretty crazy around my house with trying to get everything together and ready to move in.  So many clothes, so little closet space! All of the freshmen are pretty excited to get in their dorms and finally become an official Tribe member! My last week in Chicago is filled with friends and family and just saying goodbye to everyone. I’m helping my mom with Skype ~ trying to get her in the 21st Century! Leaving is bittersweet, but I can’t wait to start the next chapter of my life and just enjoy William and Mary and all it has to offer. Stacia got approved for air conditioning for the dorm so that was probably the highlight of both of our weeks! Jess told me that she decorated her apartment with animal print and it sounds so cute I can’t wait to see it. I know that all of the freshmen were pretty stressed out with registering for classes and are just enjoying their last days at home. I hope everyone has a great end of summer and I’ll see you all at school!!

-Maggie Lundeen

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