Happy holidays!

Larson LasekSo it’s the week before Christmas, and finals are finally over and we’re all home with our families! While we are all excited for the season, I think everyone was ready for a little break. After almost two weeks of studying, our brains were exhausted, but that didn’t keep us out of the gym.  Everyone was practicing as much as they could, between studying and taking those exams, staying in shape for our first meet.  Once we come back to school and train hard for two weeks, we’ll be heading to George Washington for the Lindsey Ferris Invitational on January 15.

For now we’re all spending time with family and friends and getting into our gyms at home for practice, cardio, and lifting. We’re using the time away to relax, because before we know it we’ll be back in Williamsburg, and I know we’ll all be ready to go!

Happy Holidays to everyone!

Larson Lasek

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