Adventures of The Cave Followup

Well, my fellow interns and I had an experience of a lifetime. We made the long venture to Virginia Beach and never looked back. This trip took lots of preparation and foresight to pull off and I can easily say that we couldn’t have done it without the help and encouragement from our fearless leader Wendy Livingston.

I left you last week with a rough outlook into how I was going to dress up for the club. While I didn’t follow my 10 step plan word for word, I did drastically change the way I dress. To the left is a picture of how I dressed for occasion. (1) Gelling my hair was definitely a new experience (except for middle school when it was “cool” to spike your bangs) and it turned out really setting a good base for my outfit. (2) Next was a spray tan and after consulting heavily with my fashion stylist, Justin Salvant, decided that it would be “too much.” I had to agree, plus it probably wouldn’t do well under the extreme heat conditions you put your body through within a club. (3) Excessive jewelry was the next goal and frankly… I don’t have the money for that kind of thing. (4) As for my ambition of becoming fluent in reality tv shows, I don’t think this will ever happen. I wasn’t able to become fluent in Spanish, despite 6 years of practice, so I don’t know how I’m going to study something as vast as reality television. (5) Picking up on the VA Beach lingo was easier than I thought. I just threw in more phrases like “yeah bro” and “yeah man” than usual (which is pretty hard because I do this more than is professionally acceptable). (6) The place was actually really safe and we had some great bouncers, so mace was deemed not needed. (7) I found that a tank top was the best way to show off the guns (it had to be bright), so Justin “Fashionista” Salvant hooked me up with one of his finest. (8) Tattoos were a must, so I got a heart with the name of a special person in the middle (yeah… you know who you are). (9) Instead of sunglasses, I used large, lens-less glasses. I was informed that it makes you really stand out from the crowd and that nerdy is “in.” I don’t pretend to know anything about being fashionable, but this confused me. I just went with it though, and apparently it “worked.” My colleague, Amie Bauer, was quoted saying, “Billy Rison! He’s my favorite! I’m his number 1 fan! OMG! Those glasses are hot!” Between each sentence she took a VERY deep breath. She’s kind of intense. (10) Lastly, I really worked the strut. I don’t normally come off as intimidating, but you didn’t want to get in my way…

The interns arrived fashionably late and ready for a great time. We spent our time dancing in the middle of the club surrounded by the crowd. I got a couple of shout outs from the DJ, not because I stuck out like a sore thumb, but because I was that COOL.

On our way home we got a flat tire on the side of 64. The three guys in the car were setting up the jack and attempting to get the tire out of the trunk. After several minutes of struggling, a tow truck pulls up behind us and a very small man comes out. He gets the tire out very easily and changes the tire in less than 5 minutes. This did a lot to ruin all the self confidence any of us may have garnered by looking so fly…

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