Why William and Mary? More fun facts!

Dear procrastinators who are still wrapping up their applications and early birds who might be anxiously waiting for the decisions, here are some nontraditional facts and interesting things about William & Mary for you guys to take a tiny break:

  • You do not want to miss the Grand Illumination firework show at Colonial Williamsburg!
  • Free admission to buildings in Colonial Williamsburg for all William & Mary students!!!
  • We have amazing coffee shops!! (said by a huge coffee addict)
  • The only university that could compete with us is Princeton (since our beloved President Reveley graduated from there).
  • Classes are small, so your professor can tell if you overslept through your 8 am.
  • Want to experience 80 degrees in February? This is the right place.
  • Run out of laundry detergent? The WATA buses can take you anywhere for free!
  • Yes, we are a very liberal college but also a super inclusive one at the same time.
  • Worry about where to get food at 2 am on Friday nights? We have WAWA that is open for 24 hours with great sandwiches and Mac&Cheese!
  • Swem Library will be packed, the workload is manageable, and do not worry, you will get seats.
  • No matter whether you are a transfer student or not, we all belong to one tribe, one family.

Hope those tips will be helpful for you to get better sense of what William & Mary is like from my perspective. Lastly, like I said before, the sun still rises and everything will be fine! Best of luck with your applications and hope to see you soon on campus!

-Alfred Ouyang ’18

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