Waiting Game

After hitting submit it felt like my brain finally turned on. All throughout the application writing process I struggled to find the right words. I seemed to have forgotten all of my extra curricular activities and volunteer work. After my brain turned on and I got past the phase of wondering if I did enough I started to wonder if spelled everything right, if I came across as intelligent, and basically every other if came to mind. Everyone told me to relax and a take a breath. My only thought was I can’t breath at a time like this!

I’m not sure if you could tell but I was a bit stressed when I applied to transfer to William & Mary. My advice for you is to take a deep breath, it will all be okay. You survived the application process and you should congratulate yourself. Now is the perfect time to pick up that new book, go to that concert, or take up a new hobby. If you are stressed a lot like me I suggest yoga. I remember a week after I submitted my application I was checking the mailbox everyday for a letter sealing my fate. I did not take the time to cheer myself on, and it was the time I needed it the most. I beat myself up after I applied because I started to doubt everything I put in my application. What I should have done is take a breath, relaxed and gave myself a pat on the back for making it past this hurdle.

I know it seems like the waiting game is never ending. I was impatient with the process and took it out on myself and everyone around me. It seems pointless to read a book or do yoga when not knowing what your future holds. In the end it will be okay no matter what happens. Just take some time for yourself and appreciate the fact that you did all that you can do.

-Rebecca Hill ’17

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