Voting & Politics on Campus

Happy voting day!

I hope everyone had the chance to vote in the midterm elections today. When attending William & Mary there’s lots of ways to exercise that civil right! There are two main polling places around campus:

  1. The Williamsburg Community Center
  2. The United Methodist Church right across from Pi Beta Kappa Hall

And of course, you can always submit an absentee ballot to your home county/state!

Besides physically voting there’s lots of ways to get politically involved on campus. We have tons of clubs involving government, politics and social justice here. To name a few we have everything from Young Democrats and Young Republicans, Mock Trial, Model United Nations, VOX- the planned parenthood organization, Amnesty International focusing on human rights issues, and Corpus a disability advocacy group.

The best part about politics and elections at this school is how active and passionate everyone is with their beliefs, and how much as a community we are willing to fight for social justice, not just on behalf of ourselves but also for those around us. It truly is One Tribe, One Family.

Until next time,
Megan Stumpf ’19

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