To Go Greek or not to Go Greek

I’ve learned so many things since being on campus, like where to get the best cappuccino or where the best shady study spots are. I wish I had known these and many other things before getting here, but learning them is just part of adjusting. One thing I really did wish I knew before arriving for orientation, though, was that it truly doesn’t matter whether or not you’re involved in Greek life on campus.

Speaking from my own experience, I have found that being Greek or non-Greek doesn’t have to have a huge effect on your social life. If you want to be super involved in a fraternity or sorority, that’s great! There are so many great organizations that would benefit from your commitment. If you find that Greek life doesn’t necessarily suit you, that’s great, too! By no means does your affiliation or non-affiliation determine the kinds of people you meet or the types of friends you make. I have made so many friends from different fraternities and sororities and have plenty of pals from outside of Greek life as well. This campus is full of great people, and you’ll be able to find them in and out of Greek life.

As always, feel free to contact me with any questions!

-Casey Neary

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