Tips for Finding Internships

Learning at William & Mary does not just happen in the classroom. A top-notch liberal arts education like W&M teaches you how to think the unthinkable and solve the unresolvable. It is then up to you to test these learnings in real life. During my time at W&M, I am fortunate to intern at different industries with the help of W&M. I have visualized Chinese governments’ overseas investment at a prominent think tank, gained the first-hand legal knowledge at both a private law firm and in-house legal counsel, and shadowed a prominent NGO up and down Capitol Hill in Washington D.C. These amazing experiences came as integrated parts of my W&M education and continued to shape how I view the world around me.

I cannot wait to see how you guys will take advantages of all the wonderful opportunities. Here below are a few tips for you as a W&M undergrad to better utilize the professional opportunities that are available on campus.

Attend the Career Fair. Career fairs are held bi-annually in the fall and spring semester by the Cohen Career Center here on campus. It is a great opportunity to meet future employers and coworkers. Come prepared and ready to show your best side.

Utilize the Cohen Career Center. We all know a strong resume and cover letter make a difference in the application process and the Cohen Career Center has got your back. They offer walk-in service as well as appointments with professional staff to look over all the essential documents for job and internship applications. They also provide mock interviews for practice and even offer a program with which you can borrow suits free of charge!

Join professional development organizations on campus. There are many professionally-orientated organizations among W&M’s 450+ student clubs. These are great platforms for you to meet friends with similar minds and to share possible opportunities with each other.

Network, Network, and Network! Building your network is another critical step you must take to embark on your job search. No matter if it is a small talk with your professors or an online networking event with alumni, grab the opportunity and speak up.

Rest assured, there are always plenty of opportunities available for you. I hope you find this article helpful and let me know if you have any questions! I will see you guys next time.

-Alfred Ouyang ’18

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