The Dreaded Waiting Period

Waiting to hear back from colleges is eerily similar to sitting in a waiting room at a doctor’s office, but fortunately not as serious. Yet you still feel anxious, a little bit worried, and are doing everything you can to keep your mind off whatever may be behind those doors (to the exam room or to the admission office). In both situations, I have always found that it is best to make the most out of your time. Personally, I was relieved the day I sent in my application to William & Mary—after I clicked the submit button, I knew I had given myself the best opportunity I could to go to a school I would truly enjoy. This sense of relief allowed me to enjoy my current school a little more and attend different events and activities to pass the time. These might be your last few months at your current school, so enjoy them!

Another great way to pass the time is to continue to explore the schools to which you applied. Take some time to go back and really get to know them, whether this means attending a game, taking another campus visit, doing online research on social media sites, etc. Take time to learn things about William & Mary that you might have missed during your stressful first glances. We all know the waiting period after submitting an application is difficult, but enjoy where you are and learn about the places you might be in the near future!

– Katianna Tron

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