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Hi everyone!

This week, I wanted to write about my experience working in a biology research lab here on campus. Since I transferred from a smaller school, I was a little nervous about the availability of research opportunities for incoming juniors. As soon as I received my acceptance letter, I began to look into the topics of research for the professors in the biology department. I had an interest in immunology and virology so I used those as parameters and found so many interesting topics on the school website. I emailed one professor about his research, explained my interest, and asked if he had any availability to take on another undergraduate student. He emailed back promptly and we set up a time to meet when I got to campus in the fall.

From there, I was assigned a partner and a project and began working. I am in the lab anywhere from 1 to 6 hours per week. I have learned so much and developed a strong relationship with my research mentor. It was a good way for me to integrate into my major department here as well as work on something that will be beneficial for my future. I recommend looking into research opportunities to everyone transferring into one or more of the STEM majors because it had such a positive impact on my time here.

On another note, for everyone applying to transfer for the spring 2018 semester, good luck finalizing your applications! The admission office is looking forward to learning more about you all through your portfolios.


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