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Hey everyone!

This week, we’re doing a special edition of the transfer blog – a joint post from all three of us! As some of you may already know, during admissions season, William & Mary sends postcards to a handful of potential incoming freshmen. In admissions, we like to call these “Likely’s!” These Likely’s carry a message straight from Admission…good news is on its way! When you receive a Likely, you should be on the lookout for a much bigger envelope coming in the mail! This is just one of Admission’s ways to get students excited about their potential future as a member of the Tribe! However, that being said, not all students that apply get Likely’s. In fact, most don’t. When a student does not get a Likely, it certainly does not mean they didn’t get in to W&M. They are simply to send a handful of applicants whose decisions are already made some well-wishes!

This year, the transfer admissions department has some exciting news…we are now sending Likely’s to transfer applicants, too! Some of you reading this may get a postcard signed by the Transfer team, including the illustrious Dean Pitschke herself, in the mail soon! If you did, congrats! Keep your eyes peeled for something more official on its way. On the flip side, some of you may not be getting a postcard in the mail, and that’s okay! Again, no Likely postcard does NOT equal no admission. Only a handful of the applicants will be getting a postcard so please don’t fret if you do not receive one. If you don’t receive a Likely, make sure you have all of your application materials sent in to ensure your application is ready to be reviewed!

Congrats on making it through application season and best of luck! We hope to see you soon!

Your Transfer Interns

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