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I always thought about going to medical school and one day being a doctor. I lacked the faith in myself to be able to do it. At the end of my first year at William & Mary (also the end of my junior year) I changed my perception of this. From that point on I have spent a great deal of time learning about the resources available to pre-med students on the internet. What I did not expect was how many resources there were just at William & Mary that so few people know about.

From my short time as a pre-med student this past year I have gotten a sense of the strong support system for pre-meds that is at W&M. One of the most valuable resources I have used is our pre-med counselor. William & Mary has many different pre-professional counselors that are there to guide the students and are a huge asset to someone pursuing a profession like medicine, law, dental, and more. The pre-med counselor and the faculty at W&M host events like a medical school admission panel featuring admission deans from different medical schools in Virginia. Beyond this there are clubs that are there to help people interested in medicine. These clubs even help host events like an MCAT Panel. Finally the last resource I have used and benefited from is the connections with the career center and alumni in the area. From these connections I was able to reach out to alumni that are doctors in my area and shadow them. This allowed me to view medicine as never before.

The resources I have mentioned are meant to give people an idea of the type of school William & Mary is. There are a lot of opinions from people that believe it is too hard here, but I disagree. W&M gives the students so many resources to be able to excel and reach whatever goals they have for after graduation. There are more resources to help students achieve their goals. Though this blog post was directed towards pre-med students there are sources in a wide range of areas.

-Rebecca Hill ’17

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