Are You Registered To Vote in Williamsburg?

I truly believe there is no greater fear to a TWAMP than someone standing on the terrace holding a clipboard. The probability you will be asked if you’re registered to vote in Williamsburg is at an all-time high during the fall semester, particularly in the past weeks. Though our peers from NextGen America and various other political organizations on campus are performing a civic duty to the community and merely ask “if you’re registered to vote in Williamsburg,” the immediate response of a student is to put in headphones, reply with a hastened no, or pretend like the clipboard gods aren’t real. And though it pains me to admit it, I, myself, on occasion, have been found guilty of these charges.

"I Voted Today" sticker

My “I Voted Today” sticker.

This mid-term election, as coined by New Jersey Senator Cory Booker, was the most important this generation would see in our lifetime. The canvassers at William & Mary, with those lovely little clipboards, remained steadfast in this notion and even managed to increase voter turnout for the college from 37% in the 2016 election to 62% according to Teen Vogue.

The fact of the matter at hand is that no voice can be heard in the United States government if one declines to vote. While some may believe a single vote does not matter, just take a look at a very long history of close elections where political offices were decided by hundreds of votes. Furthermore, not voting while thousands of Americans are disenfranchised is reason enough to worry.

I was very ecstatic to receive my absentee ballot in the mail – it was my first time voting away from home. Unfortunately, I did not have a “voted” sticker with my ballot; however, my sorority sister was kind enough to provide me with one. I felt truly proud to wear this and I think my peers did as well.

With the elections behind us, we can all sleep a little easier. While there are several hurdles left to jump, the historic firsts in this election will forever be remembered.

Until next time,
Sammi Slusher ’19


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