Post-Thanksgiving Appreciation for W&M & Making Friends as a Transfer

Dear Readers,

A week now after Thanksgiving, I just wanted to say I’m thankful for all the opportunities William & Mary has provided me thus far and all the lovely friends I’ve made here. As a transfer making friends can be a little bit more of a challenge. We often do not have the same length of time or opportunity to make new friends in a freshman year environment, not to mention sometimes there can be a difference in age, experience, location than many of the other students. I know that was something I was extremely nervous with starting at a new school, however I am here to reassure you that you will be ok and that you will make friends!

Before school even starts new students will participate in a week-long orientation period, this program is a great way to jump start making friends—often transfers themselves too! I know by the time school started I already had a great group of friends from my transfer orientation group, that gave me a sense of support and confidence going into my first day. Even just joining one organization you’re passionate about during the school year can help expand that network even further.

So, my advice to you is be confident in yourself, bring those unique experiences and be open to sharing them! Students at William & Mary are so open to hearing about new perspectives, and often love understanding the transfer experience. So feel free to tell your story and just be you. Lead your new collegiate experience with an open mind and an open heart and you are sure to thrive with a lovely group of friends to support you.

Till next time,
Megan Stumpf ’19

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