Playing the Waiting Game: Awaiting a Decision from the university

Around this time, I am sure a lot of prospective candidates are getting antsy waiting for your decisions from the Office of Undergraduate Admission. I transferred to William & Mary last year in the Fall 2015 semester so I vividly remember waiting to hear a decision. At first, when I was awaiting a letter from the university, I thought there was so much more for me to do. I had already sent in my application so, to quote my tennis playing mom, the “ball was in the admission office’s court.” At this point, do not stress because the admission office has all of the information from you that they need, unless they email you otherwise. Right now, the best thing you can do is to continue working hard and earning great grades at your current institutions, which I am sure you are all doing.  Just be sure to not “drop the ball” on your schoolwork because you are stressing about the decision letter.  If you are thinking about transferring to William & Mary in Spring 2018 or Fall 2019, make sure you schedule an interview with the Office of Undergraduate Admission. They are not required, but it is recommended. I liked interviewing because it put a face to my application and I got to ask my specific questions I had about William & Mary. Check my blog next week for some interview tips! Good luck to those who are awaiting decision letters!

-Malerie Gamblin ’17

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