My Favorite Things: W&M People and Professors

Of all the wonderful aspects of William & Mary, the people and professors are what make the institution truly special. Always just an email away, every professor I have had (and even those whose classes I haven’t yet taken) has warmly welcomed me into his/her office to chat or answer any questions I may have. Conversations can last from a few minutes to an hour, but when I leave, I always feel a little more connected with the person behind the professor. A W&M instructor is more than just a lecturer behind a podium; each professor brings a unique set of life experiences and non-school related knowledge. Having the ability to spend time with your professors—even if it’s just a quick chat here and there—is such a wonderful privilege!

Speaking with the staff members and personnel on campus is an equally extraordinary aspect of my daily life. Like many students on campus, I have a routine for each day of the week, and knowing I will see the same men and women in the dining locations or in Swem makes a huge difference. These hard-working individuals are all kind, warm and friendly; amazingly, after speaking with them only a few times, they remember my idiosyncrasies and personal preferences. One morning, I got into a heated discussion about the merits of a high-protein diet, and this was before my classes had even started. And by the end of the semester, a few women in Sadler knew all of my special requests for my evening salad, and I didn’t have to say a word.

In short, William & Mary is, at its core, a community of people living and working together. Interacting with everyone on campus makes each and every daily experience both a personal and memorable one!

– CJ Anderson

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