It’s Raining, It’s Pouring

The weather for this time of year always catches up with the ‘burg in November. While it’s not snowing quite yet, and the temperature fluctuates between freezing and 55, those rainy days are here again.

Some find rainy days particularly daunting – especially if your 8 am class is across campus from your dorm, or it just happens to be down pouring on the day you need to return 10 books to Swem. Whatever the case may be, the rain jitterbug is alive and well on campus. My advice to beat it is to hold up in your favorite place on campus. Wherever it may be, relax for a bit.

President's gallery in the Wren Building

The Gallery of Wren. Photo by Ann Waters ’18.

The weather says you’ve earned it.

Well, I’m going to do my favorite rainy day activity – reading in the gallery of Wren. While it’s a trek to get there, seeing the campus from a bird’s eye view is worth it.

Until next time,
Sammi Slusher ’19

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