Infinite Possibilities

Maybe you toured campus once or twice, or spent a few hours at the sites in Williamsburg. Maybe you planned out your future experience at William & Mary or have ideas about which organizations you want to join.  You say to yourself, “I know how this will go down, and I have a great master plan to achieve my goals.”  Those thoughts are wonderful to have; after all, they probably got you to where you are now!

But make sure to keep an open mind while transferring your previous student life and daily routines to this college.  W&M has more clubs and events on campus than any other school I’ve seen.  You can find Ted Talk-esque experiences on campus every day (and even actual Ted Talks—we hosted one a couple weeks ago).  Distinguished scholars, motivational speakers, prominent religious figures and successful businessmen and women (or some sort of combination of all the above) are always around presenting their life’s work.

My message to you is simple: W&M has so much more to offer than you can imagine. Browsing the school’s website or touring campus will only provide a fraction of the real experience.  Once you become a student, leave all your preconceived notions at the door.  Look at the flyers around campus, and make time in your schedule to explore anything that looks interesting.  You may discover a passion for something you knew nothing about before attending an interest meeting on an otherwise routine Thursday evening!

-CJ Anderson

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