The first half of the semester has flown by, and now we find ourselves gearing up once again for Homecoming weekend here at William & Mary.

Homecoming is a great time of year, not only because it is finally starting to feel a bit like autumn, but also because this is when alumni of all ages come back to campus and shed their wisdom on we, the current student population. Recent graduates and current students reunite and students get the chance to meet alumni from William & Mary of recent years and of many years past.

One of my favorite things about Homecoming is walking past the Sunken Garden to see alumni (many of whom met at William & Mary!) with their children, seeing their friends from when they were in school. For me, it creates a link between where we are as a school at this moment and the William & Mary that the alumni knew. I think it is so cool to have so many excited members of the Tribe running around campus at the same time, each with their own memories and experiences of their time here.

Of course as a senior, this is going to be a prematurely nostalgic Homecoming weekend for me. I am already excited for the Homecoming parade with the cleverly constructed floats and for the football game on Saturday (not because I enjoy watching football, more because the new stadium looks really cool – I’ll get excited for sports once basketball season returns). At the same time though, I know that in seemingly no time at all I am going to find myself back here next year, as an alumna, looking at William & Mary with new eyes.

So for now, I am going to enjoy the time I have here while I still have it. I will cheer for the funniest floats in the parade, take in the sunset ceremony at Wren, and try my best to pay attention at the football game (to clarify, my lack of enthusiasm is not a reflection of the team – they are good, I’m just not into football). I will drink in the joy of still being here while also seeking out advice from those who have come before me. Because if there is one thing I have learned about the William & Mary community, it is that we really are a united whole. We may have different interests, opinions, and beliefs, but in the end we really are there to challenge, support, and care for each other.

Here’s to another great Homecoming!

-Megan Embrey ’17

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