Home is Where the Song is

One of the most influential events that made me feel at home at William & Mary was my first a cappella performance. I have loved singing and performing throughout my life, and being involved in an a cappella group made me feel like I found my place on campus. Through my involvement in a cappella, I am able to spend time with other students who share my passion for music. Although we put in many hours of rehearsal before performances, the final outcome always makes the effort worth it when we can perform for our friends and classmates.

Before my first performance, I was nervous to sing in front of my new friends. However, the excitement of our show led me to relax and truly enjoy our accomplishments. During this performance, I was reminded of how supportive and enthusiastic the Tribe is. After the show, while celebrating with my a cappella group members, I realized how grateful I was to have found my place at W&M. Being able to rehearse, perform, and socialize with individuals who share my love of breaking into spontaneous harmony is one of the biggest reasons why I love being part of the Tribe.

-Alexandra Gellman ’17

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