It’s a Great Day to Go Vote!

Hey everyone!

Happy midterm election day! One of the many things that drew me to transfer to William & Mary was how outspokenly passionate all of the students were about any and everything they found interesting or important. I am a firm believer that it is our duty to be responsible and informed citizens and that gets put into practice whenever voting season arises! Whether it’s the midterm elections or elections for Student Assembly, W&M students are informed and conscious voters which makes me incredibly hopeful for our future. I loved going to sleep last night to posts about how genuinely excited my friends and peers were to vote the next day (with even more posts dropping this morning)! Personally, I wanted to make sure I could vote back home in my congressional district so I voted absentee a bit over a week ago but my excitement was brimming over the surface nonetheless this morning. For over a month leading up to elections there were countless volunteers all around campus making sure you could be registered in Williamsburg or checking on the status of your absentee ballot, all just to ensure you have the opportunity to affect change in your community!

Students and faculty alike are so engaged with their environment and are so open to discussing pretty much anything as long as it’s respectful and based in fact. I came from a school where I didn’t feel nearly as comfortable expressing my opinions, but here at William & Mary if you’re not informed, if you’re not passionate, that’s when you’re the odd one out. That’s why today, even more than other days, I’m so thankful to be at a school that allows me to be expressive and excited and high five every person with a “I voted” sticker displayed proudly on their chest. I hope you all have a great day full of expressing your voice and fulfilling your civic duty!

Until next time,
Joey Cronin ’20

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