Finding a Home in Greek Life

My biggest fear when I transferred was that I wouldn’t make any friends. I heard so much from my William & Mary friends from high school about how much their freshman hall experience had shaped their relationships, and I knew that these were still the people they spent most of their time with. How would I meet people and form those bonds outside of a freshman hall? I worried that by sophomore year, everyone’s friend groups would have already been well-formed and hard to break into. That’s when I decided to go through formal recruitment, only two weeks after I had arrived in Williamsburg.

I had already been proven wrong long before recruitment; I made several friends in my transfer orientation group that I still talk to today. But I still decided that maybe Greek life was what I needed, and if not, it was worth the risk. After two weekends of conversations with bright, social, intelligent women who were all interested in what had brought me to W&M and what I wanted to do with my time here, I joined a group of sisters who have become my closest friends and confidants. Here was the support system I had never found during my freshman year, waiting to embrace me. My honorary freshman hall.

Joining a social sorority was my second best decision, right after my decision to transfer to William & Mary. I finally felt at home after a long journey from another school that seems so far away in my mind now. Meeting the women who became my best friends was the highlight of my first year at W&M, and my college experience would be completely different without them.

-Emily Wynn ’17

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