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Hello all,

It is halfway through October and that means fall break for the students at William & Mary. I was fortunate enough to decide my plans over the summer. During my time doing what some would call ‘backpacking across Europe’ this past summer before studying abroad in Prague, I met friends in Paris. Now, I understand what a total cliche that is; however, I have decided I truly do not care. Anyway, back to the friends! They happened to be studying abroad as well and we took the weekend to run across Paris – just as I had planned to do.

Sunset on the Seine.

Somewhere between waiting in line at the D’Orsay and a midnight boat ride on the Seine, we bonded. Since they had already been to Prague, we decided on our last day that I would go to visit them in Dresden and that I did. Pretty quickly we came to the conclusion we would have to catch up when we went back to the States – the group of us studying at different universities at home did not quite help either.

My friends and I at the Louvre.

Nevertheless, we decided on October so everyone could settle into their semester. It just so happened that the dates correlated with fall break! So while I should be studying for the midterms I have following the break, I shall be catching a flight to Boston. While I am blessed to have friends who are willing to get up at 6 am to drive me to the airport, not without bribes of coffee that is, I do not have to use the shuttle service William & Mary provides, or the ubers students split on the Tribe Travels Facebook page. I highly doubt the other students would have appreciated my headphones blasting music at an uncomfortable level so early in the morning.

Well, I am off to pack and finish a paper!

Until next time,
Sammi Slusher ’19

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