Diversity at William & Mary

One of the greatest worries that many people have coming to a new school is “what type of people go there,” “will I fit in,” and many more along those lines. I love William & Mary for many reasons but the one that I tell people when they ask me “why W&M,” is diversity. I don’t just mean diversity in ethnicity or race, I mean diversity in intellectual thought. People here are so intellectually engaged that striking up a conversation with a random student isn’t a worry for me because I know no matter what, I will have gained something from it. I think that’s one thing that truly makes William & Mary unique relative to other schools. I know a lot of schools say this is the factor that separates them from others, but let me give you an example.

Last week, I was walking to my 12:30 class on Tuesday and accidentally bumped into another student. After exchanging apologies, I noticed that he was of Ethiopian decent. Being that I have an adopted brother from Ethiopia, I decided to talk to him for a minute. I ended up having a 45 minute conversation with him about the problems facing the Oromia region of Ethiopia. We then proceeded to compare some of the problems to similar ones in the United States. Daily occurrences like this do not happen everywhere but are abundant at William & Mary.

William & Mary has its flaws like all schools, of course. But, where it really counts, the factors that really make or break a school, it excels like no other. Intellectual diversity within the William & Mary community is something that’ll always amaze me from now until I graduate, and hopefully you will realize one day soon that it’s the place for you as well. Till next time!

-Leo Blumberg-Woll

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