Debunking a Transfer Myth: Transfers Don’t Have Tribe Pride

One myth about being a transfer student is that transfers do not have school pride. At W&M this myth could not be farther from the truth! Starting on the first day of orientation, transfers get to enjoy singing Tribe chants and competing to determine which orientation group has the most Tribe pride. During orientation, transfers are taught what it means to be a part of the Tribe and learn the alma mater alongside freshman orientation groups. Although I was worried that since I had gone to a different college before, I would not feel the same level of pride for W&M as the freshmen, I found that through orientation I fell in love with the college even more. In fact, I think that transfer students experience more Tribe Pride in our own way, because transfers must make the decision to go the extra mile to come to William & Mary.

Orientation is a time in which transfers can immediately get involved with the university through opportunities to join clubs and organizations. I found that through speaking with and joining organizations during Activities Night, I was able to find where I best fit in on campus. Since W&M offers over 400 recognized student organizations, extracurricular activities are great ways for new transfer students to find their place at W&M. As I got acclimated during my first semester at W&M, the people that I met through clubs showed me what having Tribe Pride truly means as they helped me find my home at W&M. The welcoming nature of the individuals who make up the Tribe is one of the biggest reasons why it is great to be a part of this community, whether you started here your freshman year or transferred in later.

-Alexandra Gellman ’17

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