Debunking a Transfer Myth: Impostor Syndrome

Transferring from a community college left me feeling unsure if I would ever be fully accepted as a member of the Tribe. I heard horror stories from others that they felt like an outsider after transferring. During my first semester I wrestled with feelings of not being good enough, and I was somewhat scared to tell people I was a community college transfer. In many ways I thought the students and professors wouldn’t treat me the same because I didn’t come in as a regular freshman. I still remember a professor who asked me about what introductory psychology course I had taken last year, and I was nervous when I told her I recently transferred. She didn’t miss a beat, and was actually really excited to hear about my experience!

Responses from the student body were similar as I told people I transferred here I was greeted with many friendly faces telling me “Welcome Home!” or “I’m glad you are a member of the Tribe,” and, my personal favorite, “I am a transfer too!” The fact I was a transfer student empowered me. I met new people who understood my situation, and I finally felt at home and like a true Tribe member. Everyone at William & Mary has different backgrounds and they all have different ways of coming to the university. Being a community college transfer does not make me any less of a Tribe member, and I am so glad that I live on such a welcoming campus. One Tribe, one family!

-Rebecca Hill ’17

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