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In the past two weeks, the most frequent topic of conversation on campus has been course registration. Whether registration went perfectly or if it did not work out remotely as planned, everyone is talking about it. I wanted to talk a little about how registration has worked for me since I transferred here. I have not had any major issues, such as not getting into a class I needed for my major, but I have spent a fair amount of time in the Registrar’s office.

Using the Registrar’s office as a resource during registration is incredibly important for transfers. In my specific case, the credit system was very different here than it had been at my former institution, which made it necessary for me to talk to the Registrar and my major advisor to make sure I had all the correct information going into registration every semester. There is a specific number of on campus credits needed for graduation, as well as requirements within the COLL system and within majors and minors.

William & Mary fosters a support system where it is nearly impossible to feel like you are on your own, just trying to make sure you graduate on time. The faculty here can answer just about any question you have, and they are very willing to meet with you whenever you need it. As much as registration can be a stressful time, and can be very intimidating for transfers, there is really nothing to worry about here!


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