Cap and Gown

I think I am going to miss Swemromas Asiago bagels the most (seriously the greatest thing ever). Those bagels got me through finals and midterms, late night study sessions and cramming early in the morning. Those bagels mean more to me than just a study snack. They represent pouring over a textbook with a friend, or laughing as we eat on a study break. Some of my greatest memories here are splitting a bagel and drinking coffee with a friend as we catch up. William & Mary taught me a lot, more than I realized until this past week. I mean beyond the academic things, I learned how to be part of a community. I learned the importance of breaks and allowing yourself to be imperfect. I learned to be honest with people and trust my fellow students. As silly as it sounds at the end of the day the Asiago bagels (with plain cream cheese) played a major part in some of my best times, and greatest lessons at W&M. I had down moments here, but that happens everywhere, I also had some of the greatest memories here.

Now the first thing I see every time I open the doors to my closest is my cap and gown. It just hangs there like a black abyss reminding my of how scary my future is. For the longest time I was in denial about graduation and my time at William & Mary coming to an end. I was not ready to accept that it was time to move on, but I am now. There is so much I am going to miss (like the Asiago bagels in case you couldn’t tell), but I am thankful for having such a great time here that it makes leaving so hard. Transferring is just as scary as graduation. It is new, daunting, and completely overwhelming, but just as commencement is the beginning so is transferring.

Thank you for reading my blog post as I go through my senior years and adjust to all the new things coming my way. I hope to meet some of the newly admitted transfer students at the admitted student day coming up!

-Rebecca Hill ’17

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