Bidding adieu to my last fall semester

As I write this, I am sitting in Swem: the hub of finals craziness / fun.

Even though most everyone gets really anxious when finals roll around, I have always liked this time of year. Because although I do need to write research papers and study for exams, it really does feel like we are winding down.

The last Wren Tens of the semester are happening, and before long, Reveley will once again dress up as the Grinch and read that most famous Dr. Seuss book for this time of year. Being that it is my senior year, I am thinking I will actually make myself be patient this year and wait in the long line so that I can throw a sprig of holly into the Yule log fire at the Yule log ceremony (and even if I don’t have the patience, I can still take advantage of the delicious treats that are there every year).

But back to the present: Swem. Most TWAMPs take up residence in Swem throughout any normal week in the semester, but around finals it gets especially popular. It is such an interesting thing, because even though it is our library (supposedly the place where we should all be studying) it is equal parts a study space and a social space. It is great because you can get a lot of work done, but you are also guaranteed to see friends, which is perfect when you need a study break (I, for example, have been here for a good hour and half and only just started working on this posting… so I guess it can be a little detrimental to actual productivity but ah well).

Another fun thing about Swem (I promise I’m not being paid to say all of this as a PSA) is that they always have fun activities planned throughout finals. For instance, right now (probably 20 feet away from me, actually) there are stations set up where students can make their own stress balls, color in coloring pages, pop bubble wrap, and snatch candy and school supplies (i.e. highlighters, post-it notes, pencils).

But now it is about time that I get some studying done, myself. There will be plenty of time later (well, maybe not plenty) to participate in fun de-stressing activities and holiday traditions once I’ve written this first research paper of finals season.

Happy finals, everyone!

Megan Embrey ’17

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