The Beginning of “Spring” in the Burg

Hi guys!

As my first blog post for the spring semester, I didn’t really know what to focus on so I think I’ll just talk about the entire start of the semester. I think the main thing most people have been talking about on campus is how cold it has been this year so far. I convinced myself yet again, being from the north, that I did not need to bring back a really warm coat because we’re in Virginia in the spring, but it is definitely still winter. We are all eagerly awaiting those nice, end of February days, where we can all sit on the Sunken Garden and study outside!

As expected, everyone is really busy with starting classes and getting acclimated to a new semester. There are a lot of exciting days in the spring semester to look forward to, though. So many organizations have fun outdoor fundraisers or philanthropy events when it starts to get nice. There is also the option of getting to go to College Creek or Busch Gardens when it finally becomes warm outside again. I’m really excited for a packed last semester at W&M.

For those of you who are waiting to hear back on your applications for next fall, good luck! We’re all rooting for you!


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