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So, it’s that anxiety-provoking time of year. Application decision time. The decision you hear back from William & Mary can be that of joy or disappointment. But regardless of what decision you receive, don’t lose hope. I actually initially applied to the university as a senior in high school, ultimately getting rejected. So, I went to another university and applied again 2 years later.

When I applied as a transfer to W&M two years ago, my initial admission decision was Waitlisted. Although disheartening, I kept my hope up, making sure to stay engaged with the school, and continuously looking into my degree program, housing, etc., even though I didn’t have a final decision yet.

Determined, in June of my transfer year, still waiting to hear back, my mother and I decided to drive down from Illinois to Virginia — a 16-hour drive! We showed up to admission and I ended up getting admitted as I arrived. I then spent the rest of the week touring the school, meeting with faculty and really getting a comprehensive understanding of what my life would be like on campus.

I was thrilled to finally have my acceptance, but honestly wasn’t quite sure if I wanted to commit to the school yet. Finally, as I was driving back up to the Midwest, weighing my pro’s and con’s, I ultimately decided I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.

So, the moral of the story is regardless of what decision you get, you can make the best of it. Every opportunity leads you somewhere for a reason. If you get in, congratulations! I hope you end up joining the Tribe, even if you don’t automatically know it yet. If you get denied, it sucks, but hey that’s ok. You can always apply again next semester or next year. William & Mary isn’t going anywhere! And finally, if you’re like me and receive a waitlisted decision, don’t take that as a no. Use it as an opportunity to push yourself, and show the school what you’re really passionate about!

We can’t wait for admission decisions to come out. So best of luck in the upcoming few weeks and happy holidays!

Until next time,
Megan Stumpf ’19

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