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Last week, I talked about the optional interviews with the Office of Undergraduate Admission. For prospective freshmen, these interviews are not required but they are recommended. If you are thinking about transferring to William & Mary in spring 2018 or fall 2019, instead of scheduling an interview, you have the opportunity to make individual appointments instead! I recommend interviewing because it gives you a chance to come visit the campus again, it lets the staff who are reading your applications get to know you on a different level, and you get to ask specific last-minute questions you may have about William & Mary. I am going to give you a few before, during, and after tips for interviewing or meeting with someone at W&M (you can even use some of these tips beyond college!).

Before your interview, make sure you:

  • review your application. If you have already submitted your application, you should review your application in case your interviewer talks about something you submitted.
  • have your clothing ready. Making sure you appear professional can make a difference in a first impression.
  • prepare a few questions about the university in advance. The interviewer wants to see that you have a specific interest in William & Mary so having questions about W&M can show this.

During your interview, make sure you:

  • take time to think of your responses to questions. Answering interview questions is not a race. Interviewers look for thoughtfulness not “Sonic the Hedgehog-like” speed.
  • stay calm. No need to stress; the interviewer just wants to get to know you as a person and not as an application.
  • keep eye contact. This might just be a “me thing.” I feel that when someone makes eye contact, it shows respect and more openness to communication.

After your interview, make sure you:

  • write a thank you note. Thank your interviewer for taking the time to meet with you. In your note, talk about an element of the interview that you thought was informative, helpful, or interesting. This hand-written note is not only a way to show your appreciation but it is also a way for the admission staff to be reminded of you.

Good luck with your interviews!

– Malerie Gamblin ’17

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