A few of my favorite things

Green and gold t-shirts and coming in with credits;
Admission decision emails and early registration
Getting to pull all the transfer strings
These are a few of my favorite things!

But really, here are 10 of the most awesome things about being a transfer at William and Mary!

  1. Transfers bring all kinds of distinctive experiences to our Tribe community. All transfers have a story. Whether they are veterans, students with an associate’s degree from a two-year college, or just looking for something that their first school didn’t quite provide, each transfer has a unique experience to share. Trust me, we’d love to hear it!
  2. Transfers have been around the block a few times and they know what they truly want and need from a college experience. They’re able to look a little deeper when profiling universities than they might have as a high school senior. When a student decides to transfer to William & Mary, that means they really think they’ll find their perfect fit here [and they’re usually right!]. To me, that’s a super special compliment. Not only did we pick you, but you choose us. And let me be the first to tell you how excited we are to have you here!
  3. Transfer orientation at William and Mary is a really great way to meet other transfers while also being integrated into the school as a whole. Orientation encompasses the five days prior to the first day of classes and is really one of the few times you’ll be around all the other transfers [especially ones who live near you since they generally group based on dorms/living areas]. Take advantage! Meet your peers! Share experiences and make friends! I promise, you won’t regret it.
  4. Don’t tell anyone I told you so, but there is such a thing as the “transfer card”. Pull it out of your back pocket whenever you can. I can’t promise that it will always work, but if you’re talking to a professor looking for an override or something along those lines, it’s worth a try! Faculty and administration in my experience have been very friendly and accommodating.
  5. Being a transfer is never something that will impact you negatively here at William & Mary. I’ve never felt left out or discriminated against because I’m a transfer. Quite the opposite, people usually are really curious to hear my story when I tell them I transferred. The Tribe community is so extremely welcoming that from day one and onward you really get a sense that people truly want you here and want to meet and learn from you.
  6. Similarly for #5, transfer is only a “label” if you choose it to be. No one is going to say, “Hey, that’s a transfer!” every time you walk in the Caf. There’s no big bold TRANSFER over your name on a professor’s roster for classes. Being a transfer is something that you can choose to let people know or not. No one is going to treat you any differently either way. You’re a William & Mary student. You’re part of the Tribe now. That’s your only real label.
  7. There’s a super awesome Twitter just for transfers that Kate and I run [and once you’re admitted, a Facebook group!] where you can get all kinds of great info about Day for Admitted Transfers, college life on campus, transfer tips and more! So you should totally follow @WM2014Transfers.
  8. Transfers get a bit of a registration break. We know that transfers usually have a better idea about what classes they want or need for their major than incoming freshmen. Therefore, transfers are allowed to register for up to 11 credit hours during the summer before they get to campus, whereas the freshmen have to wait until Orientation to go through initial registration.
  9. Transfers don’t have to deal with freshman dorms! If you apply for housing, you’re only going to be considered for upperclassman housing [which 9 times out of 10 means a much better dorm]. Look over the Residence Life website before you reply and request a couple of your favorites. While it’s not guaranteed, it’s worth a shot!
  10. You get a whole day dedicated just to transfers and letting you know all of the other awesome reasons why you should choose to transfer to William & Mary. Mark your calendars; this year’s Day for Admitted Transfers is May 3rd. I hope to see you there!

– Audrey Savage

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