Walking Backwards

I’m back at work after an awesome day off. I had lunch on campus with student affairs administrators from Elon University in North Carolina who were visiting our campus. I definitely never turn down a free meal, and it was fun hearing about another college’s campus life as well as talking to them about William & Mary. Afterwards, I went to the nearby Jamestown Beach with a friend to hang out and get some sun.

Today, I gave my first campus tour since we finished classes back in April. Even though it was eleven in the morning, the heat was already getting intense; water was a must. I really enjoy telling visitors about our awesome campus, and walking backwards is pretty fun (except when you lose your flip flops five times).

crimdellI’d have to say that one of my most favorite parts of the tour is talking about the Crim Dell Bridge. First off, it’s beautiful (allegedly ranked second most romantic spot on any college campus by none other than Play Boy magazine). Also, there’s a legend surrounding it:  If a couple cross the bridge and kiss at the top, they are destined to be together forever. However, if forever doesn’t work out, they have to return to the bridge and throw their ex into the water to break the spell.  I’m pretty sure the legend also says that if you walk across alone, you’ll be alone forever.  Hence, most students (myself included) tend to avoid the bridge and any possible negative consequences, but it’s fun to look at and take pictures of.

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