The Intern: Day One

The real world has finally arrived. It’s pretty surreal realizing that today is my first day ever to work a normal 8-5 job. My past work experience has included several summers of lifeguarding and one summer of being a server at a restaurant. Also, I’m house-sitting right now and looking after a dog, so it feels more like “real life” than ever.

Despite being mildly freaked out by this newfound structure, I am SO excited about the admission internship. This is the only opportunity for William & Mary students to be a part of the admission process, and we get to meet and interview potential future members of the W&M community. How awesome is that? We’ll also be working on various admission-related projects and giving summer tours of our gorgeous campus.

Our main task today was setting up our webpages and spiffy blogs. There are not too many visitors since most high schools are still in session. In a few weeks, things are definitely going to pick up, and we’ll be swarmed by high schoolers rejoicing that it’s finally summer.

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