The Final Countdown

Even though many of the other interns are probably blogging about this too…I’M SO EXCITED FOR KICKBALL TONIGHT!  Each summer, the interns challenge the Deans in the Admissions Office to a game of kickball.  Believe it or not, the deans have destroyed all of the previous interns at the game.

Since we are pretty much outdoing previous groups of interns in all respects, we decided to do it again with our official challenge.  We checked out a video camera from the Swem Library Media Center, and filmed a very am, but awesome challenge video.  It involved us running around campus to the school rec center, to the turf court (where we did a fake kickboxing class taught by Carrie), and a quick trip to the Green Leafe.  At the end of the video, Kelley said in a very intimidating tone “Kickball.  Sunken Garden. 5pm.  We’ll see you there.”  Then we all yelled “interns!”.  Then I scream “ohhhh eiiiight!”.

I hope that the video is on youtube soon.  It’s going to be gametime in about four hours.  Wish us luck!!

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